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Transformational Hypnotherapy

Master your life for good.

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Who's Hypnotherapy for?

This course is fo anyone who is passionate for powerful transformation in themselves or others.

So you’re in exactly the right place if -

- You're feeling stuck with sabotaging thoughts, feelings and bad habits
- You'd love to learn for personal development, happiness & health
- You want to be empowered to BE, DO or HAVE anything.
- You want to help loved-ones, friends & others who are stuck

Everyone I have helped has been been stuck. They've just been stuck in different ways.

They're stuck with negative thoughts, feelings & bad habits. Transformational Hypnotherapy training is life-changing. It works where it hurts. It gets to the reason and root cause of any problem

As part of your training you'll love using powerful brain-based tools These enable you to BE, DO & HAVE a life you long for.

Transformational hypnotherapy delivers extraordinary, powerful and permanent result. Lives are changed, for good. People feel happy, healthy with lots of energy.

The course is shaped by neuroscience, transformational psychology and how the mind learns and works.

The course is based on
- What I’ve learned from my 3 degrees and 30 years of studying the human mind.
- The experts that have trained & mentored me, including the world renowned Marisa Peer and Ali Campbell.
- My life-time mentor Marisa Peer
- My students, and their wonderful journeys.

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See Rapid Results

Learning Transformational hypnotherapy is like being handed the instruction manual for your mind.  Transformational Hypnotherapy gifts you a mindset that enables you, your family and friends to enjoy a life with great health, wealth, happiness and success.

You and others will ….


  • Feel truly amazing for no reason
  • Find your life’s purpose & passion
  • Enjoy ultimate confidence & joy
  • Be calm in the face of chaos
  • Gain insights into the mind’s workings
  • Understand & influence others’ thinking & behaviour
  • Stop unwanted habits, phobias & addictions
  • Be your perfect weight, forever
  • Accelerate your studies, career & salary
  • Maximise your business, sales & profits
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Hypnotherapy course details

Foundation Program

7 x Week program
  • Courses booked until September 2024
  • Be sure to join the waitlist
  • Limited to a max of 20 delegates per program

Course outline

7  Module Course

7 Weeks for  2 Hours Per Week

Delivered face to face, in Surrey, UK


Module 1 Introduction to Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis

Defining hypnosis

Important figures in the world of hypnosis

Busting hypnosis myths

Issues that hypnotherapy can be used for

“I’m not lovable”

“I’m not enough”

“I don’t matter”

Hypnotherapy and healing


Module 2 Hypnotherapy Techniques


Induction, deepeners and suggestibility tools

Suggestability technique 1

Suggestability technique 2

Suggestibility technique 3

Hypnotising someone.

Experience hypnosis – a hypnosis session


Module 3 Communication Skills for Hypnotherapists


Essential communication skills for hypnotherapists

The top 5 communication skills for hypnotherapists

Trigger words and ah-ah moments


Module 4 Working With the Subconscious Mind


Why is the subconscious mind important is hypnotherapy

The conscious mind vs the subconscious mind

The subconscious mind always runs the show

The mind as a ‘predictor machine’

Reprogramming the subconscious mind

key rules of the mind for self-hypnosis


Week 5 Suggestion Therapy


Wat is suggestion therapy

The power of words

Direct and indirect suggestions

Case studies


Week 6 Using Self-Hypnosis for Personal Growth and Development


Experiencing and guiding others in self-hypnosis

Giving yourself self-hypnosis

Practical experience


Week 7  Ethical Practice


The principle of “do no harm”

Scope of practice

Data protection and confidentiality

End of course

What People Say

""Why, oh why has it taken me so long to find you!""

P Nagel

"I’m so, so, so confident, and thrilled that I no longer live in fear"

J Baines

"My weight loss is great and my weight stable"

G Hargreaves

"Now I’m very clear how to propel my business and make more profit"

L Bodycote

"Clive got me to a T, and inspired me to greater success"

D Johnson

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