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121 Therapy

STOP Sabotaging Thoughts, Negative Feelings & Bad Habits.

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Together we'll Find and Fix Why You Are feeling And Behaving the way you are

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Rapid Transformational Therapy - Explained

Every client asks me the same question - 'Whats wrong with me?" I can't stop eating or drinking or I feel depressed etc"

Wrong question.

The real question to ask is - "what happened to you?" The reason for your problem stems from the mind adapting to events in the past. What happens to us in the past shapes how we think, feel and behave as an adult.

RTT reveals the reason and root cause of your problem, and fixes it.

The root cause will be an event you found unpleasant or stressful.

This memory will be stored, filed and hidden deep within your subconscious. They are BELOW YOU LEVEL OF AWARENESS

From this unpleasant event you will have formed negative beliefs & feelings about yourself, others and the world.

These limiting beliefs, feelings and behaviours play out each day just like an 'app' running on your phone. YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF THEM. They act as a blueprint for how you live your life. They drive your thoughts, your feelings, and your bad habits. These beliefs sabotage your life.

So together you and I will FIND the very reason and root cause of why you're sabotaging your life.

Together we'll FIX your outdated and obsolete beliefs about yourself, others and the world that are causing your problem. We'll heal any wounds from your past.

RTT then rewires your brilliant mind with powerful thoughts, empowering feelings & positive habits that reflect YOU today.

You'll learn and take home brilliant brain-based tools, keeping you happy and full of life every day

All of this is done in a safe place where you're free to express feelings without any judgement.

Be reassured you're not alone. You're the same as everyone else. We all have daily thoughts & feelings derived from past events that drive our habits daily. You're choosing to be free of yours!

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  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of confidence
  • weight gain
  • compulsive overeating
  • Compulsive behaviours
  • Fears & phobias
  • Drinking too much
  • Performance anxiety in – sports, music, art, other
  • Insomnia & other sleeping issues
  • Revision and exam nerves


Through RTT I deliver profound and permanent results for these problems.

These problems are the mind’s way of responding to something that’s going on inside of you that’s BELOW YOUR LEVEL OF AWARENESS.

Through RTT, you and I will find and fix the root cause.

You’ll be FREE of your problem




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Award Winning Therapy

121 RTT

  • Between 1 to 3 session will set you free, for good.
  • Reveal & heal the root cause of your problem
  • Erase sabotaging beliefs, thoughts, negative feelings & bad habits
  • Rewire your mind with transformed beliefs, thoughts, feelings & habits
  • Receive A personalised audio recording to further embed your newly transformed neural pathways
  • Enjoy (i) 2 weekly check-ins and (ii) Learn powerful brain-based tools to keep you joyful every day

121 RTT

  • Enjoy 3 session, 4 weeks apart
  • Reveal & Heal the root cause of multiple problems
  • End sabotaging feelings and bad habits
  • Rewire your mind and feel transformed
  • Receive a personalised audio recording to further embed your newly transformed neural pathways
  • Enjoy 2 regular check-ins and learn powerful brain-based tools to keep you joyful everyday

What Can I Expect?


This 1.2.1 Transformational 4 x Week Course Includes –


1) A Detailed Initial Assessment

You and I will have a detailed initial assessment to assess if you’re eligible to work with me.

Please note, I only work with those people who have been failed by past diets and are 100% committed.\


2) Pre-Session Audio

I will send you an audio recording approximately 7 days before your session, which is to be played daily, so you become familiar with my voice.


3) Personalised RTT Session

I will lead a deeply powerful RTT session with you. This can:

Last up to 3 hours enabling deep, profound transformational change

Identify in detail your symptoms, triggers and habits of your binge eating and addictive eating.

Reveal the root cause of your compulsive overeating, and – How and why this root cause is driving your disordered eating.

Heal and set you free from your current subconscious beliefs, thought patterns and feelings that are driving your unwanted food addiction and harming to your health.

Install transformed, empowering and dynamic beliefs along with powerful positive feelings to radically drive your changed eating behaviours and habits.

These updated beliefs and emotions will create new powerful neural pathways within the brain empowering you to be in full control around food and to always make healthy choices


4) Personalised Audio Recording

To further embed your transformed relationship with food, You’ll leave your RTT session with a personalised audio recording for you to play to yourself that will further embed your new and healthy neural pathways,  I’ll ask you to play the personalised audio at least once per day for 30 days.


5) 2 x Coaching Sessions

You and I will enjoy 2 x weekly 1.2.1 coaching sessions. These powerful sessions will embed even further the transformational change you achieved in your 1:1 RTT session. We’ll monitor your amazing progress, I’ll answer all of your questions and I’ll teach you brain based tools to keep you on track, at your perfect weight, for the rest of your life.


6) Online Support

For you there is 24 / 7 online support to respond to any queries you may have.








  • I've had real demons to resolve.
  • So I had a transformational hypnotherapy session
  • The session changed my life. Forever.
  • The root cause of my depression & anxiety was revealed and healed.
  • I felt a huge release. I no longer had to believe the things that had weighed me down
  • Finally I felt good about myself and I changed how I lived my wonderful life.
  • I loved the power of Transformational Hypnotherapy so much I trained to be a Therapist.
  • I love helping ordinary people experience extraordinary freedom from their problem.

What People are saying

""Why, oh why has it taken me so long to find you!""

P Nagel

"I’m so, so, so confident, and thrilled that I no longer live in fear"

J Baines

"My weight loss is great and my weight stable"

G Hargreaves

"Now I’m very clear how to propel my business and make more profit"

L Bodycote

"Clive got me to a T, and inspired me to greater success"

D Johnson

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