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End Your Bad Habits

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I help you -
- Reveal and heal the root cause of your debilitating thoughts, feelings & bad habits
- Instal powerful thoughts, positive emotions and habits

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End your problem.

You're stuck. You have negative thoughts. Unwanted feelings and bad habits are dominating you.

Most people look outside themselves to stop this negativity. But the solution is never on the outside.

We need to look inside ourselves. We need to resolve the reason and root cause of why you're unhappy, depressed, anxious, feeling empty and have bad habits.

My approach is life-changing. It locates the root cause of your sabotaging thoughts, unwanted feelings & bad habits. Healing the root cause sets you free.

I've been coaching for over 30 years. Everyone I've worked with has been trapped, in some way, by their negative self image, thoughts, feelings and bad habits. Once the root cause of their problem has been healed they were free to live with lots of happiness, health and energy. Forever.

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Transformational Hypnotherapy

End your problem, for good.

face to face & on-line

  • Discover what's really holding you back
  • Imagine being totally free of your problem
  • Imagine living the life you really want
  • Experience profound & permanent results.
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Hypnotherapy Training Course

Learn hypnotherapy.

face to face

  • Unlock the secrets of your mind
  • Imagine feeling your best, everyday.
  • Be empowered to help loved-ones & friends
  • Enjoy controlling your mind 24/7
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What people are saying

""Why, oh why has it taken me so long to find you!""

P Nagel

"I’m so, so, so confident, and thrilled that I no longer live in fear"

J Baines

"My weight loss is great and my weight stable"

G Hargreaves

"Now I’m very clear how to propel my business and make more profit"

L Bodycote

"Clive got me to a T, and inspired me to greater success"

D Johnson

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