From the outside I had it all.  Within myself, I really didn’t

I was a successful Principal / CEO of a large College Group.  But I experienced imposter syndrome, anxiety and my weight constantly yo-yo’d.

On the inside I felt hollow, sick and low.  I felt different, unconnected from friends / family and unlikeable.  On the outside I wore a public mask of being lively and fun to be with.  keeping up the public mask was exhausting and ate away at me.

I knew I needed to look inside of me to feel better.

Of all people I knew this.  Surely I could fix myself.

But I couldn’t and didn’t resolve my demons.

By chance I stumbled upon my now teacher and mentor Marisa Peer, who is one of the most established and well respected therapists in the world.  This was to change my life forever.

I started learning from Marisa.  Eventually I went for a transformational hypnotherapy session with a therapist trained by Marisa.  It revealed the reason and root cause of my imposter syndrome, anxiety and over-eating.

This session changed my life forever.

It was the answer I had always been searching for.

It showed me why I wasn’t who I wanted to be and how I could become it.

After the session everything was so much clearer.  I could see what had really been holding me back.  The obstacles that had seemed insurmountable now seemed small and far away.

It worked.  I was transformed.  I knew I could BE, DO and HAVE everything I wanted.  At last I felt happy.  Free.  Alive.

I loved the benefits of my therapy so much that I went on to be trained by Marisa and qualify as a Transformational Hypnotherapist.  Marisa continues to be my mentor which I love.

With experience I went on to train and mentor Marisa’s student therapists.

I furthered my training in hypnotherapy with another award winning therapist – Ali Campbell.

I’ve trained and mentored therapists throughout Europe.

So if you and I work together, you’re in very safe hands.


My credentials

If you’re interested here they are ..

  • College Principal
  • Chief Executive of College groups
  • Former Associate Inspector OfSTED
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Associate Rapid Transformational Therapist (Marisa Peer)
  • Master Practioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programmin
  • Master Coach
  • Trainer & Mentor of student Therapists
  • MBA in Education & Learning
  • Post Grad Cert in Education
  • BA (hons) Psychology and Sociology